Hercules! (The bigger one is Hercules)

Welcome to Tiberius's Travel Taberna! Here you will find information on travelling with us as we retrace the steps of the legendary Hercules! Why would you want to follow Hercules? Well, look at the picture to the right! If such a fearsome man isn't worth following, who is?

Hercules is famous for completing XII labors in order to compensate for the brutal murder of his wife an children at his own hand. Travelling across Greece, from Nemea to the Underworld, Hercules' adventures were both many and heroic. Saving countless odd villages and hamlets, as well as cities, Hercules was important enough that he even received assistance directly from the Gods on Olympus! Of course, such assistance usually voided the point of the labor, but nevertheless, the fact that he even met such figures as Minerva is impressive!

Here at Tiberius's, we seek to bring the magic and wonder of Hercules' legendary journeys back to the people. No longer is Hercules just some boring old story; now, he's part of your everyday life! With us, you'll travel through all of his adventures, from Arcadia to The Underworld™! Doing such exciting things as:

  • Eating stuff! (yum!)
  • Chatting with the locals!
  • Not being killed in your sleep by a crazy innkeeper and being buried in manure!

Now, take a minute to browse our website and learn about the tour you will be taking!