Mare of Diomedes


Mares!Don't they look vicious?

Hercules was given another gruesome task, this time to bring back the flesh- eating mares Diomedes. Diomedes was a king of a group of those simple-minded Thracians, called the Bistones. The Bistones lived on the coast of Thrace, near the city of Abdera. Hercules sailed there with some companions and killed those attending the horses. To add injury to insult, Hercules threw Diomedes to his own man-eating mares. After the horses were through, Hercules and his men were herding the horses to the sea, and Bistones sent soldiers to recapture the animals. Hercules left the horses with an assistance named Abderos, who was soon killed by the mares. After Hercules fought off the soldiers, he founded a city named Abdera to commemorate this sacrifice. Hercules sailed back to Eurystheus and then let the mares go free.

The Tour

From the Isle of Crete, the tour will sail up through the (H)Ionian Sea to the area of Abdera in Thrace.

  • Distance from last labor: DCCXX miles by sea
  • Time from last labor: about XX days, depending on winds
  • Route: Sea from Crete to Thrace
  • Features: water
  • Lodging:
    • Really hope you like sailing!: M d.c.