Augean Stables


Scenic Elis Scenic Elis

Finally, a change of pace for our boy Hercules. For his fifth labor, he was ordered to go clean up Augeas' stables in Elis. Augeas was a rich man, having more cattle than anyone else in Greece. Of course, that also made it quite difficult to clean the stables. So, when Hercules arrived, he offered to clean the stables, at the price of one tenth of the cattle, without telling him of the task set before him by Eurystheus. After Augeas accepted, Hercules simply diverted a river to clean the stables out. After he done this, though, Augeas learned why Hercules was doing this and refused to pay him. After it was finally ruled by a judge that Hercules must be paid, Augeas kicked Hercules out of the kingdom, and Eurystheus said the labor didn't count because he was getting paid for it.

The Tour

Elis is conveniently located downhill to the east of Mt. Erymanthia.

  • Distance from last labor: XXIII miles
  • Time from last labor: II days
  • Route: Overland, from Mt. Erymanthia to Elis, spotty roads
  • Geographic features: Mt. Erymanthia, Peneus River (the same Hercules diverted)
  • Lodging:
    • Camp along the way: none (included with previous food price)
    • Lodging in Elis w/food: CC d.c.