Erymanthian Boar


	with Hercules and Erymanthian Boar, from the LouvreHercules and the Erymanthian Boar
Paris, Louvre

After the hind ordeal was completed, Hercules was ordered to go fetch another wild animal, this time a boar from Mt. Erymanthia. After stopping at his friend Pholus's dwelling for a bit, Hercules caught the boar by frightening it and getting it to run into a net. Eurystheus, was of course, terrified of the result.

The Tour

Coming down from the Cerynean hills, we will take a short walk to the foot of Mt. Erymanthia.

  • Distance from last labor: XXXVIII miles
  • Time from last labor: II days
  • Route: Overland, from Ceryneia to Mt. Erymanthia
  • Geographic features: Mt. Erymanthia
  • Lodging:
    • Camp along the way: none (included with previous food price)