Girdle of Hippolyta


The AmazonsThe Amazons

Eurystheus has belt envy. Rather, his daughter did. They wanted the girdle of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, a fierce tribe of warrior women who needed no men. Mars had given the belt to Hippolyta, and she used it to hold both her sword and spear. Guessing that they might be fierce warriors based on the fact that Mars himself had given this woman a gift, Hercules took a band of loyal men with him on the journey. When they landed, a messenger was sent to them by the Amazons, and Hippolyta was impressed with Hercules and wanted to give him the belt right away. Her subject, though, were not so easily swayed, and forced a battle over it. The men and women fought a pitched battle, but with Hercules's help, the men won. Hippolyta gave Hercules the girdle, and he returned to Eurystheus. An alternate story exists where Hercules kills Hippolyta and takes the girdle, but that version is much too typical for Hercules. What kind of hero never learns anything after VIII massive labors?

The Tour

From Abdera, the tour will go to the coast of the Black Sea, within which the isle of the Amazons is said to be.

  • Distance from last labor: CCLXXX miles
  • Time from last labor: XXV days
  • Route: Overland, no roads
  • Features: forests?
  • Lodging:
    • Camping or staying in un-reliable inns: MMD d.c.