Trip overview

Map of Hercules' travelsImage courtesy of the Perseus Project

The labors of Hercules were many (well, XII) and varied (okay, well, mostly killing or capturing really big monsters) and took many years for even him to complete. Tiberius's hopes to help recreate this historic journey with its tours.

All journeys will be made by hike over land, or boat where sea travel is required, so make sure to break in those boots before attempting this epic journey. All food and lodging is paid for as the trip takes place, so be sure to bring big boxes full of cash *. The caravan, consisting of 10 tourists at any time, will be staged in Corinth. All prices given herein are in denarii communes. Regional conversions vary, and it is up to you to make them, otherwise, your friendly guides will, on thei^H^H^H^H^H your behalf.

The tour will begin nearby in Nemea, where Hercules faced his first major challenge - slaying the terrible lion that ravaged the countryside. From Nemea, the tour will take a detour to Mycenae, where Eurystheus gave Hercules all his orders. Following that, the caravan will slough on down to Argos, where a certain swamp is located nearby... The same swap where Hercules fought the terrible Hydra! A three day trip into Ceryneia will bring the tour to the fields where Hercules chased the famous hind. Mount Erymanthia, where the boar was captured, is just a few days away from the scenic Lernean swamp. Elis is the next historic site, housing the Augean stables. Trekking back across the Peleponese, the march will take you to Stymphalus, where Hercules has already take care of those pesky birds in Arcadia. Preparing your sea legs for longer journeys ahead, a trip will be made to the Isle of Crete, where the famous bull lived. Then, sailing straight up the Ionian (or Hionian, depending on who you ask) Sea to Bistonia in Thrace, where Hercules managed to not get eaten by the flesh-eating horsies. Thankfully, the Black Sea, where the Amazons lived is just a short overland hop away. The most enjoyable MDCCCXL miles you'll ever travel will take you straight to northern Libya and the island of Erythia, where those cattle used to live. Down the coast just a bit are the Atlas Mountains, where Hercules tricked that silly Titan into getting him the golden apples of the Hesperides. The last leg of our incredible journey takes us back to good 'ol Greece, where we finally make our journey to the Underworld™.

Tiberius's Travel Taberna is not responsible for lost, stolen, or otherwise misappropriated giant boxes full of cash.