The Lernean Hydra


A really big rock The rock holding down the immortal head of the Hydra*

Hercules, after returning to Eurystheus and frightening him badly, was sent on a second quest, this time to kill the horrible IX-headed beast. This time, he brought with him his nephew and charioteer, Iolaus. Entering the swamp, Hercules and his sidekick found the cave where the beast dwelled. He flushed the monster out with flaming arrows, and then began hand- to-hand combat. However, when he removed a head of the Hydra, he found that two grew back in its place! Moreover, while the monster held him by the foot, it had its own henchman, a crab, attack Hercules. Undaunted, the fierce Hercules smashed the crab into oblivion and called upon Iolaus to cauterize the would he inflicted upon the hydra, so that no new heads could form. Finally, Hercules was down to the last head, which also happened to be immortal. Being the clever brute that he was, he buried the last head, and put a big rock on top of it. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make himself more likely to kill stuff, Hercules ripped open the hydra and dipped his arrows in the poisonous blood. He then, of course, returned to the cowering Eurystheus.

The Tour

On this leg of the journey, we will be making a short detour before reaching Argos to go to Mycenae, the hometown of Eurystheus. There, we will see such sights as the big brass amphora in the ground that Eurystheus hid in, and stay in the fine inns of the city. From there, we will continue on to Argos, where will will rest, and then take the road into Lernea.

  • Distance from last labor: total of XVII miles
  • Time from last labor: III days
  • Route: Overland
    • road from Nemea to Mycenae
    • road from Mycenae to Argos (used by Hercules himself!)
    • road from Argos to Lernea (used by Hercules)
  • Geographic features: Lovely Lernean swamp*
  • Lodging:
    • Mycenean inn w/ food and entertainment: CCC d.c.
    • Argoan inn w/ food and entertainment: CCC d.c.
    • The fun, sleep outside adventure w/food: CLX d.c.

Tiberius's Travel Taberna not responsible for lost of life, limb, or giant box full of cash due to moving or otherwise touching the big rock.

Tiberius's Travel Taberna not responsible for loss of blood, food, life, or giant box full of cash due to going anywhere near that nasty swamp. Really people, if had to hold your hand like this, how would we ever make a profit?