Cretan Bull


Exciting downtown Crete Exciting downtown Crete

Another simple labor for Hercules followed the fight with the birds. Hercules simply had to bring back the fierce Cretan bull. Being the rather direct man that he is, Hercules simply sailed down to the island, wrestled with the bull, and brought it back.

What is more interesting, however, is the story behind the bull. The bull was given to king Minos by Neptune to be sacrificed. However, The Minoan king thought that bull was too beautiful, and so sacrificed another. Neptune, enraged, caused the bull to ravage the countryside and also caused Pasiphae to fall in love with it. With Daedelus' help, she was able to mate with the bull, and the infamous Minotaur was born. Again called upon, Daedelus built a giant maze called the Labyrinth to hide the creature. Now, king Minos was so powerful that even Athens sent him tribute, in the form of people to send to the Minotaur. However, the hero of Athens and the wanna-be Hercules Theseus arrived with the tribute one day and with the help of some thread, defeated the Minotaur.

The Tour

After a short two day trip from Stymphalos to the port of Nauplia, the tour will embark on a ship headed for Crete, and upon arriving will visit the beautiful beaches and scenery of Crete, and will also visit the Labrynith and the remains of the palace of King Minos.

  • Distance from last labor: XXVII miles by land, CXLV by sea
  • Time from last labor: VII days
  • Route:
    • Overland to Nauplia
    • Sea from Nauplia to Crete
  • Features: Sea air, sandy beaches, big maze*
  • Lodging:
    • Camp along the way (II days): CL d.c.
    • Hope you like sailing!: C d.c.

Tiberius's not responsible for loss of sanity or giant chest of cash, whether you enter the maze or not.