The Stymphalian Birds


Stymphalian templeStymphalian temple

After Hercules had failed to receive credit for his work for Augeas, he was sent on a mission be was better suited for: killing things. In the land of Stymphalos, there were certain birds that not only had beaks made of bronze, but also had feathers to shoot at hapless bystanders. These birds, as such things are wont to do, wrecked havoc on the countryside and something needed to be done. However, when he arrived at the lake where the birds were often found, he could not think of a way to drive them out. Fortunately, Minerva brought him a sort of rattle made by Vulcan, which Hercules shook and scared the birds out of the foliage with. While they were flying off, Hercules shot many of them with his bow. This task having been completed, he returned to Eurystheus.

The Tour

Another trek across the Peloponnese, but over familiar terrain, with roads. In Stymphalus, you can see the famous temple, where there are carvings of the malicious birds and statues of women with the legs of birds.

  • Distance from last labor: LV miles
  • Time from last labor: V days
  • Route: Overland, Elis to Stymphalus by road
  • Features: Mt. Erymanthia, Mt. Cyllene, several rivers, temple
  • Lodging:
    • Camp along the way (V days): D d.c.