The Cerynean Hind


A hind and her offspring A hind with her offspring*

Following the slaying of the hydra, Hercules was assigned a new task: procuring the Golden Hind that ran freely through the land of Ceryneia. However, this animal was special in that not only did if have golden horns and bronze feet, but it was also the sacred deer of Diana. Because he was already in trouble with the gods, he couldn't afford to hurt or kill the deer. Hercules chased the elusive animal for a whole year until it stopped for a drink at the foot of a mountain. Realizing that the animal was about to get away, Hercules shot it anyway. Naturally, Diana was not happy, but when Hercules had explained himself, she healed the deer and let him be on his way, returning the deer to the half-buried Eurystheus.

The Tour

This labor will go straight from Argos all the way to the Cerynean hills. The travel will be relatively plain, with only gradual hills to impede progress. Travel provisions will be purchased in Argos, and will be included in projected food costs.

  • Distance from last labor: XXXVI miles
  • Time from last labor: III days
  • Route: Overland
    • Road to a few miles before Pathras
    • Hike from road to Cerynean campsite
    • River crossing
  • Geographic features: hills, Cyllene Mtns. visible to left
  • Lodging:
    • Minor inns along way w/food per day: CC d.c.
    • Camp in Cerynean fields (3 days): CCC d.c.

Tiberius's Travel Taberna not responsible for loss of life, limb, or giant box of cash due to a hind attack. No, really, they may look cute, but 'ol Cornelius here, he lost a leg to one of those beasts. But please, please don't get him started about the "good old days," lest we deprive you of you life. Or limb. Or box of cash.