The Cerynean Hind


The three-headed dog Cerberus The three-headed dog Cerberus*

Finally, Hercules was almost done. Of course, the most difficult labor was left for last. Hercules was to go into the domain of Hades and return with Cerberus, the three-headed dog, with a dragon's tail and snakes upon his back, guarding the gates. Hercules had already killed two of his siblings, the hydra and Orthus, but now hew must catch the most dangerous of the three, and bring it back alive! After taking care of some religious concerns, Hercules went to Laconia, where he found the cave that would give him access to the Underworld™*. Descening, he came to the river Styx, which no bridge crossed. Charyon, the ferryman of the only boat across, initially refused to carry Hercules, but a beneficial arrangement was found, and Hercules made it across. He then proceeded to the palace of Pluto, where he was able to convince his uncle (he is a son of Zeus after all) to let him borrow Cerberus, if he could overpower it with brute strength. He, of course, won the match and brought the beast to Eurystheus.

The Tour

Finally, back to Greece! This final trip will take you into the underworld, to meet the shade of Hercules. Be sure to have at least one coin left!

  • Distance from last labor: MCCCXXXIV miles
  • Time from last labor: XXV days w/favorable wind
  • Route: Sea then overland
    • Sea to Peloponnese
    • Stroll over to Laconia
  • Geographic features: Greece!
  • Lodging:
    • Your beloved ship: MCCL d.c.
    • Camp in Greece (3 days): CCC d.c.

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